Lynn Braun

Special Events Co-Chair ā€“ Lynn Braun ā€“

Special Events Co-Chair

Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Mankato, Minnesota

About Me: Being a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has opened my eyes in so many different ways. I grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota, so living in a city has been a huge adjustment. The opportunities that had become available to me here are unlike anything I could have ever dreamed of. Everyday, I am giving the opportunity to find out more about who I am and how I want to build the future ahead of me.

My Involvement with SWE: This is my second year as Special Events Co-Chair. SWE has introduced me to so many amazing people and activities these past two years. I cannot imagine my college experience without being a SWE Member.

Job Experience: This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern for MA Mortenson Construction. I worked on the new soccer stadium being build in St. Paul. When I was in high school, I also had a job working on a golf course as a beverage cart assistant.

Favorite Thing To Do On Campus: My favorite thing to do on campus is enjoy the beauty of the city. I love going on runs on lakeshore path and enjoying the lake views along the way!

Favorite Class/Professor: So far, my favorite class has been thermodynamics with Professor Miller. It was the most challenging class that I have ever taken, but I learned more in that class than I even thought was possible.

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: S’mores!!!!!!

Other Activities/Organizations: I am an active member in my sorority that I lived at last year. I am also a member of Women in Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Greek Intervarsity. Iā€™m hoping to become even more involved next year on campus by helping my friends start their own organization.