SWEster of The Month

Every month the officer team  selects one general SWE member who has been especially involved in  SWE events and projects during the month.

SWEster of the Month:

SWEster December 2017 Karlee Kimberling


Past SWEster’s of the Month:

SWEster November 2017 Victoria Trantow

SWEster October 2017 Taylor Bontje

SWEster April 2017 Jenna Pavela

SWEster March 2017- Meghan Collins

SWEster February 2017- Sarah Yoon

SWEster December 2016- Emily Laborde

SWEster November 2016- Abby Pratt

SWEster October 2016- Piper Lincoln

SWEster March 2016 – Leah Fagerson