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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Thank you for supporting our chapter of the Society of Women Engineers!  We greatly appreciate your contributions and involvement.  Please continue reading to learn more about our organization and what has happened during the past semester.

Letter from the President

We have had such wonderful fall semester filled with new and old events that we are excited to tell you about! We owe SWE’s success to the dedication of the officer team, involvement of our member, and the amazing support from donors! As in the past, SWE has continued to make an impact on the UW-Madison campus as well as in the community with events for the professional development of members, social functions, and outreach to schools and community groups. I have been involved in SWE since my freshman year serving various roles on the officer team and have benefited so much from everything SWE provides. I am so happy and proud to be this year’s president and am looking forward to what SWE has in store for the spring semester!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter as an update to SWE alumni, company representatives, the community, and students about what we have accomplished together. There are always ways to get involved or support SWE and we enjoy sending this newsletter as a chance to share these opportunities with you.

Thank you again for your continued support and involvement! On Wisconsin!

Abby Stewart

Society of Women Engineers President 2015-2016

Vice President of Outreach & Diversity

SWE outreach had a busy fall semester, with new officers eager to get involved. A new event was developed to bring awareness to the importance of diversity. The event was a round-table discussion, which included some TED talks relating to diversity followed by discussion among the attendees. We hope this event can grow in the future to include a panel of speakers and the involvement of other diversity organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Next semester we will be working with SHPE and NSBE to plan the annual Diversity Spring Welcome, an event each Spring semester that promotes diversity around the engineering campus.

-Maddy Bouche

Girl Scouts
The Girl Scout Committee plans several events each semester. These include three Girl Scout Patch Days: one for Brownies (grades 1-3), one for Juniors (grades 4-6) and one for Cadettes (grades 7-9). Through Patch days, the girls had the opportunity to learn more about the engineering design process through a variety of interactive, hands-on activities.  All the events are fun for both the participants and the volunteers. There were around 150 participants who attended between the 3 days. With the help of volunteers from the senior design course of the Biomedical Engineering Department and SWE, the girls were able to do various fun activities. Overall the days were successful and the girls and parents had a great engineering experience. SWE is planning 3 more patch days next semester. We are looking forward to our future events. They will hopefully be as successful as the past ones!

-Lisa Krzyzanowski & Katie Wollenweber
Here Girl Scout Brownies are learning about Biomedical Engineering and the human body,
specifically about hip replacements.  The girls used Play-Doh to model a hip joint.
Engineering Tomorrow's Careers (ETC) Camp

Every year, the ETC camp committee puts together a week long summer camp for high school sophomore and junior girls to get them interested in an engineering-related field. This summer’s camp will be ETC’s 24th year and will take place on June 12-17th, 2016. Registration opened in November and many girls have already applied through our online registration system. We have altered the budget to allow for 20 more campers to attend this year, making the total number of campers accepted 100. In addition, we expanded the first mailing to send information about the camp to schools in Illinois and Minnesota as well as Wisconsin. Our major goal this year is to spread the word to as many girls as possible so that everyone hears about the wonderful opportunity that is ETC camp!

If you know of any current high school sophomores or juniors who would be interested, please encourage them to apply at the following link: ETC Camp 2016 Application.

Emmy Russell & Cassidy Schneider
School Outreach

Outreach for SWE extends beyond the borders of the University as we strive to bring engineering and science to kids through the School Outreach committee. As a committee, our goal is to show girls ranging from elementary school age to high school age just how many cool things you can do with concepts in engineering and science.
Over the course of this past semester, we have continued our relationship with Girls Inc., meeting with the girls almost every month. We’ve had the opportunity to learn about civil engineering and teamwork while building towers with limited materials, and have touched on the electrical engineering side while designing and constructing our own circuits out of everyday materials like play-doh and fruit. It’s amazing to experience the girls opening up, even within the hour of time we typically spend with them. Another opportunity we participated in was the Family Science night at the Madison Children’s Museum. We brought calculator robot cars that we used to introduce coding to little ones. The reaction on the kids’ faces when we punched in numbers and got a moving calculator car was priceless. Helping the elementary-school-aged kids make their own simple codes was rewarding, but not as rewarding as then watching those same kids take it upon themselves to ask more questions and begin to design their own codes for the cars. As technology is becoming more accessible, kids are becoming more open and excited about using it in their own way.
We hope to get as many kids as we can involved in engineering and science in order to promote their creativity. As we transition into the second semester, we will continue to work to bring more fresh, fun, and engaging activities to the youth of the Madison area, no matter the age!

-Taylor Anderson

Community Service
The Community Service Committee this semester has come a long way.  This Fall, our volunteers have donated more than 80 hours of their time to several events all around Madison.  Our volunteers come from a wide range of engineering disciplines, and this year we had a total of 36 volunteers actively engaged in our committee. We continued to do some of our annual events like trick or treating for canned goods during Halloween, and also got to know some new places as well, including the Porchlight Homeless Shelter. The upcoming Spring semester will be very exciting for us, and we hope to top our current record of hours and volunteers!

Are you a UW SWE alum who works for a non-profit or a volunteer organization?  Whether it's your full time job or side project, we'd love to hear about what you do! Email us at

-Rachel Hollingworth
Section Vitality
Vice President of Internal Relations
The Executive Officer team and the Boeing Tech Competition team were thrilled to make the trip to Nashville in October for the SWE National conference! We had the opportunity to hear talks from very successful women out in industry, attend a large career fair, as well as network with other SWE members, both professional and collegiate, across the country. We even got to spend time with UW SWE alumni! Our Boeing team gave a great presentation about their project at SubZero and we were able to watch other school's project presentations as well. It was a fantastic five days in Nashville and we can't wait for next year's National conference in Philadelphia! 

-Meghan Noel

A group of Badgers at the SWE National Conference in Nashville, TN.

This semester in Mentoring Committee, we organized students into Big Sib Little Sib SWE families based on their majors to facilitate in networking and create a welcoming environment for freshman and other new SWE members. The events we planned were meant to promote these relationships. We had four study nights, each organized around a holiday theme so that members could both study and relax with their peers. We also hosted a student advising night so engineering students could ask upperclassmen about majors, classes, and internships. Younger students enjoyed having the ability to get to know the upperclassmen in their majors and learn more about the opportunities available to them on campus.

Next semester we’d like to shift our focus and plan more professional development events that the families can be involved in but that will also assist them in their future endeavors. We will continue creating families and working towards gaining more members to support women in engineering.

-Madeline Faubion & Kelsey Murphy

SWE members and Big Sib Little Sib families decorated
cookies at the last Mentoring study night of the semester.
Special Events
The Special Events committee has the very fun privilege of organizing a variety of events and activities for its members throughout the fall term. Kicking off the fall semester, we went to the Sett in Union South for a night of bowling and billiards. This event was well attended and enjoyed by both under and upperclassmen. During the week of Homecoming, SWE members participated in Bucky’s Battle Royale and walked in the Homecoming Parade. Bucky’s Battle Royale was a blast playing bubble soccer and Alaskan baseball. On parade day, SWE received an overwhelming amount of support from parade watchers. It was special to hear parents tell their daughters that they could grow up to be engineers like us. To celebrate the coming of fall, we took a trip off campus to the Eplegaarden, a local apple orchard, for some fun apple and pumpkin picking. In November, we attended the premiere of Mockingjay Part 2 at the local movie theater, eating popcorn, candy, and slushies in comfy, red, recliner seats. It was our largest attendance of the semester! Throughout the fall, Sunday brunch club got together at different, local breakfast joints in downtown Madison once a month, a tradition started by our President, Abby Stewart. It was a delicious way to meet other SWE members, and there’s nothing better than good food paired with great friends! In December, we went to Late Night Skate at the Shell. Even though it wasn’t cold enough outside to skate, we were at least  able to pretend it was winter for a moment and get some skating indoors! With the fall semester ending and the spring beginning soon, we cannot wait to host more fun and exciting events!

-Maureen Duthie & Emily Brunner

SWEsters enjoy a delicious brunch at Bassett Street Brunch Club, a local restaurant famous for its delicious donuts.
SWE members and officers participated in the annual Run Santa Run 5K near the capitol building in December.
Freshman Committee
This semester, Freshman Committee worked on getting more involved with SWE, finding leadership opportunities within the organization, and making friends with others in the committee. We had a great turnout at our meetings! Our first meeting of the semester had over 30 people, which was so exciting.  At our monthly meetings, Freshman Committee members stayed updated with SWE events and planned our event for the semester. The main event we planned for this semester was the annual SWE Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. After their first semester in SWE, members became more involved and gained experience in the organization that will help them take on leadership roles in the future!

-Allie Winek
Freshman Committee members show off their ornaments they decorated
at the annual SWE Ugly Sweater Holiday Party.
Graduate Affairs

This semester, grad affairs has begun offering resources to current graduate students in addition to undergraduates interested in graduate school. Some events held this fall include a round-table discussion about strategies of success as a woman in a graduate program, as well as a Q&A session with a faculty member in engineering at UW-Madison. Important topics discussed include work-life balance in graduate school, how to network successfully, and how to plan for a family in an academic career path.
Grad affairs is also now on social media! We have used Facebook to connect event attendees so that connections can be expanded outside of SWE. We are looking forward to hosting more events next semester!

-Sarah Balgooyen
External Vitality
Vice President of External Relations

This fall semester our SWE section has worked with our company sponsors to put on some great events. These events included our monthly section meetings, our super section meeting, and site tours held at companies.  A big thank you to each company that sponsored a section meeting, the 7 companies that sponsored our super section meeting, and the 3 companies that let our SWE section visit them for site or plants tours. We really appreciate your support! Next semester, we will continue to hold our monthly section meetings. We are also planning on touring the Chicago area!

Companies that are interested in hosting a section meeting, holding a plant/site tour, or looking to become a friend of SWE are welcome to fill out our Company Sponsorship form.

Thank you for your continued support of SWE!

-Alex Quast
The first section meeting of the semester.  What a great turnout!
Evening with Industry

Each year SWE sponsors its annual Evening with Industry (EWI) networking banquet. This year it will be held on February 1, 2016 at the Pyle Center from 5-9pm. This event promotes networking between company representatives and engineering students in a comfortable setting, through a career fair, dinner, raffle, and awards ceremony. Students are able to interact with company representatives in a smaller, more personal setting to discuss potential career opportunities in engineering. In the past, we have had more than 20 companies and 150 students in attendance. The cost is $5 for SWE members and $8 for non-SWE members, which includes a dinner and night of fun. Tickets will go on sale the week before EWI.

Ten companies have already registered this year! Companies interested in attending can fill out the Online Registration Form at this link or email Bridget at We look forward to seeing you there!


-Bridget Schuessler
Technical Communications

This semester the Technical Communications committee launched a new social media initiative to engage with our section’s members on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Swocialmedia! Members using the hashtag posted pictures of themselves at SWE events, wearing SWE apparel and meeting our section president.  Increasing our social media reach allows us to connect with our members in a whole new way and helps us reach out to potential new members as well.  
This was also our first semester with an official @SWEmadison Instagram account. Using this account, the executive board went to the SWE National Conference and was able to share their fun and educational experience with the rest of the section.
In addition to the new social media initiatives, the Technical Communications committee also hosted “Decoding Programming Languages”, an event for SWE members who are new to programming get some advice on where to start on their programming journey. With social media and the web becoming an increasingly important component of our members' lives, we're excited to continue to grow our social media presence so we can all be more connected than ever before.

-Genny Pfister
Boeing Team Tech
Officer Team
Please don't hesitate to contact any of our officers with
questions regarding their position or events!
Executive Officers

Abby Stewart

Meghan Noel
VP of Internal Relations

Alex Quast
VP of External Relations


Susan Yang
VP of Communications

Maddy Bouche
VP of Outreach & Diversity

Robyn Sreenivasam
VP of Finance
Committee Officers

Anna Scheibengraber
Boeing Tech Team

Rachel Hollingworth
Community Service

Cassidy Schneider
ETC Camp

Emmy Russell
ETC Camp

Bridget Schuessler
Evening with Industry

Allie Winek
Freshman Committee

Jes Pelkey

Lisa Krzyzanowski
Girl Scouts

Katie Wollenweber
Girl Scouts

Sarah Balgooyen
Graduate Affairs

Megan Nelson

Madeline Faubion

Kelsey Murphy

Taylor Anderson
School Outreach

Maureen Duthie
Special Events

Emily Brunner
Special Events

Genny Pfister
Technical Communications