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Spring and Summer 2017 - Newsletter

Thank you for supporting our chapter of the Society of Women Engineers!  We greatly appreciate your contributions and involvement.  Please continue reading to learn more about our organization and what has happened during the past semester.

Letter from the President


The UW-Madison Society of Women Engineers has had a great spring semester filled with new and old events that we are excited to share with you in this newsletter! The success of this organization is owed to the hard work and dedication of our officer team, the continuous involvement of our members, and the tremendous support from our donors. It has been an honor to support my officer team and see our section grow and accomplish amazing goals this year. 

Each year, our organization has an impact on the UW-Madison campus and the community through our outreach, community service, professional development, and personal development programs. We would not be able to provide these great programs and expand them without the help from donors. There are always ways to get involved or support SWE, and we enjoy sending this newsletter as a chance to share these opportunities with you. 

We hope you enjoy this newsletter as an update to SWE alumni, company representatives, the community, and students about what we have accomplished together. Thank you again for your continued support and involvement! On Wisconsin! 

Susan Yang 
Society of Women Engineers President 2016-2017


Vice President of Outreach & Diversity

Diversity Spring Welcome is the main outreach event of the spring semester, and this year it was a joint event planned by SWE, SPHE, and NSBE. It consisted of a keynote speaker, Lori Holmes, sharing how diversity has impacted her life as an engineer and how she has overcome numerous challenges throughout her journey. After her talk, there was dinner and a mini-career fair to give students a chance to explore possible co-op and internship opportunities with several companies. There were over 100 students in attendance and overall the event successfully promoted diversity within the engineering campus.

Another event we host every spring is Parent’s Day. This year each family was a team and competed in three activities to win a bookstore gift card. The three activities were UW-Madison trivia, fill in the lyrics, and an engineering activity where they built a tower with mini-marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. Afterwards, everyone went to Union South to enjoy ice cream together. This event is a great way for parents to learn about the goals and aspirations of SWE while spending time with and supporting their daughter in STEM.

-Alyssa Wigand

Girl Scouts
This past semester, the Girl Scout Committee put on three successful Girl Scout Patch Days: one for Brownies (grades 1-3), one for Juniors (grades 4-6) and one for Cadettes (grades 7-9). Girls learned about about waves and sounds and how they relate to science and engineering through earthquakes, music, and vibrations while working in both large and small groups, doing hands-on activities, and working through the design process. We also hosted parent brainstorming sessions to make a database of STEM activities throughout Wisconsin to create a resource for future parents to keep their girls engaged in STEM. In total there were about 115 participants, and 35 volunteers between the three days. Overall this has been a fun and successful semester. Both the girls and parents were able to have a great engineering experience. There will be three more patch days planned for next semester, and hopefully they will be just as successful! 

- Kinzie Kujawa and Michelle Lei
Engineering Tomorrow's Careers (ETC) Camp

This summer was ETC’s 25th anniversary as an outreach camp and took place June 11-16th, 2017. ETC empowers high school girls to explore their interests in engineering for an education and a career path. The campers conducted laboratory experiments and designed projects, had talks with established faculty and advisors in different fields, toured innovative research labs, and more. They also had the chance to meet other future female engineers that may end up being their peers or co-workers. It is our goal to reach as many young women as possible, so after expanding our marketing, we not only had campers from Wisconsin but also from as far as Montana, Texas, and an exchange student from Germany. We hope that ETC continues to grow in future years!

Follow our Facebook page for pictures from ETC Camp:

Look out for the application for ETC Camp 2018 on our website in November 2017:

-Leah Fagerson & Cristina Uribe

School Outreach

Over the past semester, our SWE section has continued to promote science and engineering education through school outreach. From elementary to high school, our mission focuses on educating students about science and engineering fields and giving students the opportunity to creatively explore their own interests. To do so, we formed a new partnership with Johnson Controls NEXT program, which focuses on giving a realistic representation of engineering to the community, as well as coordinating with four other SWE sections in the Wisconsin region. We coordinated the very first Engineering Challenge Day at Johnson Controls headquarters which reached out to high school students in the Milwaukee area and gave them the opportunity to try different types of engineering and learn more about engineering design. Other events this semester included meeting with the Vera Court Neighborhood Center’s Girl Neighborhood Power group for fun, after-school engineering activities, hosting spy-themed activities at Falk Elementary School’s Family Science Night, and volunteering to present at Emerson Elementary School’s Science Night. We are continuously looking for new ways to support the greater-Madison area community and hope to continue to promote science and engineering professions next year!

-Melanie Rogers

Community Service
Community Service had a wonderful semester! We served local kids by helping the Engineering Professional Development staff host McFarland Day. 2nd Graders from McFarland Elementary school spent 2 hours on campus learning about engineering concepts by making marble roller coasters and balloon rockets! We also served high school students by hosting the annual Capital Science and Engineering Fair. Hosted every spring, this fair showcases research projects that high school students had been working on over the past year. These intelligent students did an excellent job on their projects and SWE volunteers were amazed by the talent displayed. Community Service also hosted the annual COE Spring Blood Drive. Hosted at the Red Gym this year, our members paired up with the Red Cross to guide blood donors through the donation process. The drive total was 21 donations, which saved up to 63 lives! 

-Raven Brenneke
Section Vitality
Vice President of Internal Relations
VP-Internal is in charge of our section membership and relations within the international organization. Over the past semester we have been working on member retention and engagement, as well as the recruitment of new members through a variety of different events! We have also been working on increasing our social media presence in order to keep our current members up to date, as well as attract new  members! In the fall we will also be having a group of quite a few members heading to Austin, Texas to attend SWE Nationals.

-Madelynn Bouche

This semester, the Mentoring Committee continued its Big Sib Little Sib program, which groups upperclassmen and underclassmen into “families” by major to foster mentoring relationships, friendships, and systems of support.

The largest event we hosted this semester was Day On Campus, in which we brought just over 65 female admitted engineering students to UW-Madison for a day-long event to provide them with information about engineering, SWE, campus resources, and the general college experience at UW. The event included lab tours, a campus scavenger hunt, an interactive activity, and student/resource panels. Additionally, students had the option to stay overnight with a host from SWE the night before the event to get a greater sense of the college living experience. This included eating at a dining hall and tours of several residence halls. A major difference in this event from past years is that we collaborated with the College of Engineering (CoE). We held Day On Campus the day after the CoE’s Admitted Student Preview Day, and we also had the CoE include Day On Campus registration as part of Admitted Student Preview Day registration. This collaboration increased our attendance from prior years, allowed us to utilize CoE resources previously unavailable to us, and made registration and communication with participants much more streamlined. We hope to maintain this relationship with the CoE in the future so that Day On Campus can continue to grow.

-Sage Bladow & Emilie Wille

Special Events
This past semester, SWE was able to participate in some fun activities, including some brand new events. To kick start the semester, members gathered at The Sett in Union South for Socialize at the Sett. SWE members enjoyed appetizers while new and familiar faces enjoyed the friendly environment. Like previous years, SWE held a sweatin’ with SWE competition in which members logged their fitness activities with a group for a chance to with prizes. Turnout was fantastic, with 40 members divided into 6 competitive teams. Some new events that were held this semester included a cooking class as well as a painting class. The cooking class was held at The Crossing, where members learned how to cook steak and vegetables from a local butcher and chef. The painting class was also a huge success. An instructor taught members how to paint a skyline of Madison resembling the famous Starry Night but Vincent Van Gough. Overall, special events helped bring SWE members together through fun and interactive activities!

-Sara Sigman & Lynn Braun
New Member Committee

New Member Committee encourages all SWE’s newest members to find their own place within SWE through informational meetings and leadership experiences. We had monthly lunch meetings to recap what SWE had done in the previous month and what was available for members to do in the upcoming month. Our biggest event was organizing an exhibit for Engineering Expo. We created hands-on engineering tasks for school children that included programming, structure building and completing circuits. This event was a huge success! New Member Committee ended the year by joining Mentoring committee to put on a destressing event before finals. We can’t wait until the Fall for more new students to get involved with SWE! 

-Allison McDougal


This semester, our website was edited and updated in order for our members to have as many resources available to them as possible. Our section meeting slides from all of our previous section meetings from this year have been posted along with bios about each SWEster of the month. We are thankful for our many wonderful sponsors which can be found on our Corporate Sponsorship page as well.

In addition to that, we have combined our “Jobs” and “Scholarships” pages into a “Opportunities” page that is frequently updated with information about new scholarship and job postings, company visits, and competitions. In preparation for our new Professional Development position next year, we have created a “Professional Development” tab that includes documents with resume, interview, and career fair tips. We have also added a new page for our New Member Committee which will be updated beginning next year. 
In April, we hosted an Excel and WordPress workshop through DoIT in order to help members learn some of the intermediate functions of Excel as well as learn how to create their own website using WordPress. In addition to this tech workshop, our SWE officers plan and host several community service, outreach, and special events each week, and you can stay up to date using the Google calendar on our website!

-Emily Vesper
External Vitality
Vice President of External Relations

Our SWE section worked with many generous companies this semester. We had a variety of company sponsored events including four monthly section meetings, numerous information sessions during the spring career fair, two site tours, and a mentoring chat with the National SWE president, Jessica Rannow. Thank you to all of the companies that have sponsored us this semester, we greatly appreciate your support! Next year, we hope to expand our connections to more companies in the Madison area while also maintaining our relationships with current external sponsors.

Any companies that are interested in becoming more involved with the UW-Madison section of SWE are welcome to visit our corporate sponsorship page here.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, please email Thank you again for your continuous support of SWE!

-Amanda Salzman

Boeing Tech Team

The Boeing Tech Team had a great semester. This year we are working with Hydrite Chemical Co. to design and develop an alternate unit to replace the activated carbon drum currently in use for their formaldehyde tank at the Cottage Grove, WI facility. We started the semester with one month of research to help all team members become familiar with formaldehyde and activated carbon adsorption. During the brain storming session, in March, we came up with twenty possible designs, which were weeded down over spring break to the top five designs. We then used a design matrix to decide on the three designs we will test, taking into account cost, feasibility, efficiency, maintenance, the impact caused by methanol, and environmental impact. The top three designs are an alternate geometry activated carbon, which breaks up the packed bed to allow for more surface area. A silica gel based packed bed, which has been proven to react with formaldehyde. The final design is a sodium sulfite absorber, which changes the method of formaldehyde removal from adsorption to absorption. This method creates sodium formaldehyde bisulfite which is a non-toxic biodegradable substance. We will be testing all three designs this summer at Hydrite’s Cottage Grove facility.

-Lisa Krzyzanowski
Thank You Sponsors!
Thank you to the following companies that have supported us as a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Member or been a Friend of SWE this semester!  We are so fortunate to have such close relationships with many businesses and companies, who choose to donate knowledge, time, and funds to our organization. These donations to our organization are the main reason why we are are so heavily involved on campus and in the community.
Officer Team
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VP of Outreach & Diversity

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