Boeing Tech Team

What is Boeing Tech Team?

The Boeing Tech Team is the UW-Madison Society of Women Engineers’ design team that competes in the SWE Team Tech competition sponsored by Boeing. It is a national SWE competition where teams from universities across the country partner with a company and carry out a design project. This competition emphasizes the importance of teamwork and interface with industry in the engineering educational process. Teams may consist of up to 12 members and must complete a project over the course of 6 months (January – June). Chosen teams will present their completed project at the SWE National Conference in the fall.

Interested in collaborating with a company and designing a project from start to finish?

Weekly Meetings are held ever other Thursday at 5:30pm (virtually!). For more information check out our calendar or email Elizabeth Liu ( or Geetha Mohan (

Boeing Tech Team Weekly Meeting

Boeing Tech Team’s 2020 Project

This year, the Boeing Tech Team will be collaborating with AbbVie. AbbVie is a research driven biopharmaceutical company. With over 30,000 employees across the globe focuses on coming up with new approaches to today’s health issues – from life threatening illness to chronic conditions. AbbVie targets difficult-to-cure diseases to leverage their expertise and create solutions that have a positive impact on patients’ lives and society.

An AbbVie plant continuously emits 1000 liters per day of trisodium phosphate with a concentration of 2% (by weight, in water) into the lake. However, discharge of phosphates into freshwater lakes contributes to a process known as eutrophication which induces excessive growth of algae. Site engineering wishes to treat the waste stream such that no more than 2 pounds per day of inorganic phosphate enters the lake. Our project is to design a process that produces a clarified waste stream which meets the phosphate restriction.

Thank you to our Boeing Tech Team Sponsors

Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC)
Dr. Carrie Laboski for her generosity in lending us her laboratory space




Meet the 2020 Boeing Tech Team Chair!

Elizabeth Liu

My name is Elizabeth Liu and I am currently a junior studying Biomedical Engineering. On campus, you can find me studying at a library or getting bubble tea!

Meet the 2020 Boeing Tech Team Elect!

Geetha Mohan

My name is Geetha Mohan and I am currently a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering. This is my first year as a SWE Officer! I’m excited to learn new things and being able to share them with others.

2020 Boeing Tech Team Officer

Boeing Tech Team’s 2019 Project

Last year our Boeing Tech Team worked with Mortenson to develop a tool to perform a nondestructive test of the firestopping insulation installed around wall penetrations. To perform a proper destructive test, the product needed to measure the depth and thickness of the caulk by manually ripping apart the installed caulk. Thank you Celina Ough for leading the team!

Founded in 1954, Mortenson is a U.S. based builder, developer, and provider of energy and engineering services committed to helping organizations move their strategies forward. Mortenson’s expanding portfolio of integrated services ensures that its customers’ investments result in high-performing assets.

Boeing would also like to the WOLDT family and the Wisconsin Engineering Student Council for their generous contribution to the project!

Mortenson Construction

Mortenson Plant Tour