University of Wisconsin–Madison


Mentoring/Big Sib, Little Sib 2018-19

Every semester in the Mentoring/BSLS program, we create teams of students with similar majors. While mixing together underclassmen and upperclassmen, this is a great opportunity for students to connect with each other, get advice, and meet other friends in their major.

This year for mentoring we are introducing a new position called “family head” this person will be in charge of creating a communication system for their family. Additionally they will plan events for their family, such as study nights, dinners or attending other SWE events.

  • KICKOFF MEETING: September 20th
    • ALPS team building course on Engineering Mall
  • GAME DAY: November 3rd
    • Tailgating and attending a Badger game together- more details to come!

Meet the 2018-19 Mentoring Co-Chairs!

My name is Allison McDougal, and I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering. I joined SWE my freshman year and got involved right away being a distinguished member every since. SWE has helped me make new friends and develop professionally. I love being a Badger and enjoy the game day atmosphere here at Madison.

My name is Lisa Krzyzanowski and I am a 5th year senior studying Chemical Engineering. I am from Waukesha, WI. My first experience with SWE was as a senior in High School when I attended Day on Campus. It was an amazing experience that helped me learn that I was meant to join SWE.

A look back at last years mentoring events!

There were 85 SWE members who participated in the Mentoring Committee’s Big Sib Little Sib (BSLS) program. We held multiple study nights to provide a relaxed setting for the members to get to know each other better and receive help with classes.