Connecting with the Community

Day on Campus

Did you ever visit a college campus in high school before your final decision? Day on Campus gives high school students the opportunity to spend the day on campus with SWE members to explore UW-Madison and what it means to be a woman in STEM.

Day on Campus

Engineering Tomorrow's Careers Camp

Have you ever been to a STEM summer camp? ETC Camp is a summer program for aspiring high schoolers in STEM SWE puts on every year with the College of Engineering. Get involved by planning the daily activities and/or becoming a counselor.

Girl Scouts

Every semester Girl Scouts hosts patch days for local Girl Scout troops. There's always an opportunity to plan patch day experiments and volunteer to lead them.

International Outreach

International Outreach strives to help empower women in other countries. Volunteer with us by fundraising at UW concession stands to raise money for the Sambahli trust in India among other events that build a strong connection with our partners.

SWE Abroad 2019

School Outreach

We partnered with Memorial High School to create a SWENext program. If you want to get involved in leading high schoolers interested in STEM this is the committee for you!