Professional Development

Spring 2019 Events

    • Come have all your career fair questions answered by those who have already gone through it! This is a relaxed hour where upperclassmen and underclassmen can consult each other with questions about elevator pitches, interviewing, finding applications, what to wear, how to use Handshake, and more. If you’ve started your job search or just need a place to start, come hang out and we’ll help you out. There will be snacks and drinks.
    • WHEN: Sun, February 3, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
    • WHERE: 1410 Engineering Dr. Room 175

Meet the 2018-19 Professional Development Chair!

My name is Chrissy Kujawa and I am a senior studying Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis on biomechanics. This is my 6th semester as an officer in SWE. I have loved the opportunities it has given me to grow professionally and personally. I am excited to help new and old members gain professional connections and experiences this upcoming year! I am currently on co-op with GE Healthcare, involved in LEED and a DJ with WSUM.

A Call for Company Involvement!

We are always looking for companies that are looking to be involved in our organization by hosting a professional development event. Event ideas include resume reviews, mock interview workshops, etiquette dinners, and informational sessions! Please reach out via email if you’d like to be involved.

Chrissy Kujawa, 2018-19 Professional Development Chair

Professional Development Events: A Year in Review

SWE introduced the Professional Development Chair in the fall of 2017 to provide members with resources that target progression in the professional world, while also maintaining the positive and open environment of SWE events.


  • Professional Development Kick-off Meeting: Friday, September 15th
    • The was a casual event that began by watching a TED Talk which led into peer resume reviews. We continued on to discuss career fair/interview challenges and strategies and we concluded by sharing ideas about what would like to see from the new Professional Development position in the future. Donuts were provided!
  • Decoding Digital Resources: Wednesday, November 1st
    • Stephanie Salazar Kann, the Assistant Director of our Engineering Career Services, came in to talk about how to get the most out of the Engineering Services tools, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. She gave a brief overview of some key features of the resources, but left it very open for conversation and questions.


  • Career Fair Prep Section Meeting: Wednesday, January 30th
    • Serving as our spring kick-off meeting as well as career fair preparation, this event included resume reviews, interview tips, information on undergrad research, grad school, internships and more! And of course pizza was served!
  • Peer Resume Reviews: Thursday, February 1st
    • New members who’d never made a resume before were able to leave the event with a nearly complete resume, or at the very least a solid skeleton for what an engineering resume may look like.
  • Alumni Panel & Discussion: Monday, March 5th
    • A panel event with SWE Alumni who are currently in industry around the Madison and Milwaukee area. They were incredibly enthusiastic to see the progress SWE has made, and hope to continue to attend alumni events with our section next year!
  • GUTS Grad School Workshop: Wednesday, April 18th
    • In collaboration with Greater University Tutoring Services (GUTS), current masters students and PhD students at the UW answered questions about their experiences and decisions beyond their engineering undergrad.They went over applications, studying for entrance exams, letters of rec, and answered any questions.

Thank you to our previous Professional Development Chair, Christina Uribe, for defining this position and planning our first year of professional development events!