School Outreach

SWENext Committee

After receiving a lot of interest at Memorial High School, we created three new leadership positions for high school students: the fundraising chair, the community service chair, and the competition team lead. The fundraising chair and community service chair were responsible for creating up to two fundraisers/community service projects per year, conducting meetings with their committee to plan, organize, and execute these projects, and communicating weekly with me to discuss what had been accomplished that week.

If you are looking to be a part of SWENext, joining the Committee is a great idea! As a committee member, you would assist each of these high school leaders to plan and execute their events. Please email Saranya if you are interested in joining!


Lauren Chriss

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren, a junior in mechanical engineering here at UW. I’m super excited to take an officer position for School Outreach and can’t wait to get involved in planning STEM events!