School Outreach

SWENext Committee

Last semester we revamped our SWENext section at James Memorial High School. SWENext is an organization through the Society of Women Engineers where high school students receive the opportunity to get immersed in the Engineering field.

After receiving a lot of interest at Memorial High School, we created three new leadership positions for high school students: the fundraising chair, the community service chair, and the competition team lead. The fundraising chair and community service chair were responsible for creating up to two fundraisers/community service projects per year, conducting meetings with their committee to plan, organize, and execute these projects, and communicating weekly with me to discuss what had been accomplished that week. The competition team lead’s main purpose was to lead the SWENext competition team throughout the year with goals to attend the Design Lab Challenge at WeLocal in Des Moines, Iowa.

If you are looking to be apart of SWENext, joining the Committee is a great idea! As a committee member, you would assist each of these high school leaders to plan and execute their events. Please email Brinda at if you are interested in joining!



Brinda Shivapuja

Hi! My name is Brinda Shivapuja, and I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering with hopes to attend medical school. While I have been involved in SWE since my freshman year, this is my first semester as a SWE officer. I am quite eager to expand the School Outreach program and create new, intriguing STEM-based activities. When I am not attending a SWE event, you can find me studying at Engineering Centers Building, in my research lab working with cell culture, or playing my violin!

Fall 2019 Events

Superhero Themed Outreach Day

We planned a very successful Themed Outreach Day. This day was designated for elementary students to get involved in Engineering and STEM at an early age. With a theme of “Superheroes,” we had four stations to teach elementary students about a variety of STEM principles. The first station was themed, “Aquaman,” and taught students about surface tension. Using wax paper, an eyedropper, and water, students learned about the property of water and how water “sticks” together. The second station was themed, “The Flash,” as it gave students the opportunity to learn about forces and reactions by participating in balloon rocket races. The third station was related to “Wonder Woman,” as it let students engage in an activity about how to measure airspeed by making an anemometer – an instrument used to measure airspeed. The final and fourth station was called “Save the Superhero.” At this station, students were tasked with creating a stable bridge out of popsicle sticks and a glue gun to ultimately hold up the superhero and civilians. At the end of the day, twenty-plus elementary students enjoyed each activity and learned a lot!