Loukia Agoudemos

Credentials: VP Internal

Email: lagoudemos@wisc.edu


NAME: Loukia Agoudemos (she/her)

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Biomedical Engineering

HOMETOWN: Mukwonago, WI

SWE INVOLVEMENT: ETC Co-Chair 2021-22, VP Internal 2022-23

FAVORITE PART OF SWE: My favorite part of SWE is connecting with so many amazing engineers from so many different disciplines and backgrounds.

JOB EXPERIENCE: Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Master’s Lab, Penn State SROP Scholar


OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: BMES Webmaster and Communications Officer, BMES Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Department Relations Chair for BMES, Member of NSLS and the Costume and Design Guild

FAVORITE JOKE: A physicist, engineer, and a statistician are attempting to fire a cannon at a target 100 meters away. The physicist takes the lead and performs numerous calculations to determine the cannonball’s trajectory. He carefully aims the cannon and fires, coming short by 10 meters. The engineer, accounting for real world tolerances and imperfections, then performs his own calculations. After carefully aiming the cannon and firing, he overshoots by 10 meters. The statistician then begins shouting with glee that they hit the target.