Allyson Janowski

Credentials: VP Outreach & Diversity

Position title:

Open for Spring Election!


NAME: Allyson Janowski

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Industrial Engineering

HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, WI

SWE INVOLVEMENT: I joined SWE my freshman year, and was ISyE Mentoring Family Head in Spring 2020. My first position was Fundraising Officer my sophomore year. I try to attend as many events as I can, especially Girl Scouts, School Outreach, and International Outreach.

JOB EXPERIENCE: I was a cashier at a grocery store throughout high school, and this summer I was a Manufacturing Engineering Intern at GE Healthcare in Madison, WI. Next summer I will be a Consulting Intern for West Monroe in Minneapolis, MN.

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON CAMPUS: Once the weather gets warmer, I’m looking forward to studying outside on the Kohl Center Lawn.

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: I am part of the Wisconsin Engineering Student Council’s Diversity Committee, as well as the Ecuador Project in Engineers Without Borders.

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