Madeline Koenig

Credentials: VP Internal

Position title:

Open for Spring Election!


NAME: Madeline Koeing

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Industrial Engineering

HOMETOWN: Wales, Wisconsin

SWE INVOLVEMENT: SWE has made a remarkable impact on my journey at UW-Madison, and I enjoy attending as many events as I can. I previously was the New Member Committee Officer (Spring-Fall 2020) and am looking forward to continuing to contribute to SWE’s welcoming environment as VP Internal.

JOB EXPERIENCE: From January through August 2021, I worked as a Project Engineer Intern on the New Product Introduction team at Tesla in Sparks, Nevada.

FAVORITE CAMPUS ACTIVITY: I love finding new study spots, eating ice cream at the unions, swimming at the Nick, and exploring Madison with friends!

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Undergraduate Learning Center Tutor

What do you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry