Madeline Koenig

Credentials: President



NAME: Madeline Koeing (she/her)

YEAR: Senior

MAJOR: Industrial Engineering

HOMETOWN: Wales, Wisconsin

SWE INVOLVEMENT: Previous: New Member Committee Officer, VP Internal, Current: President

FAVORITE PART OF SWE: The people I’ve met and connected with at events continue to inspire me, and the community is incredibly supportive and welcoming!

JOB EXPERIENCE: Technical Program Manager Intern at Slack (May-Aug 2022), Project Engineer Intern at Tesla (Jan-Aug 2021)

FAVORITE STUDY SPOT ON CAMPUS: Engineering Centers Building, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Undergraduate Learning Center PrEPS Facilitator

FAVORITE JOKE: Can’t think of any ‘yolks’ at the moment but will let you know when I come up with an ‘egg-cellent’ one!