Madeline Morrell

Credentials: Boeing Tech Team Chair

Position title:

Elect Position Open!


NAME: Madeline Morrell

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering

HOMETOWN: Burlington, Wisconsin

SWE INVOLVEMENT: I joined SWE my freshman year and I have been involved with the Boeing Tech Team since then.

JOB EXPERIENCE: In Summer 2021 I worked at Caterpillar Inc. as a Corporate Engineering Intern with the Minneapolis Paving division. On-campus, I have a job as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at Solar Energy Lab. I also have a job as a Learning Community Program Assistant at the Greenhouse Learning Community.

FAVORITE CAMPUS ACTIVITY: I love going to football games and having coffee/study dates with friends!

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: I’m involved with Women in Mechanical Engineering and the Green House Learning Community.

What type of music do wind turbines like? They are huge metal fans.