Olivia D'Souza

Credentials: International Outreach

Email: odsouza@wisc.edu

NAME: Olivia D’Souza

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering & Physics


SWE INVOLVEMENT: General Member starting Fall 2021, SWEIO Officer for 2022

JOB EXPERIENCE: Freelance Writer (Summer 2021), Concessions Stand Lead (Summer 2021), Library Technology Representative(Fall 2021-Present)

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON CAMPUS: My favorite things to do on campus are running on the Lakeshore path and hanging out with friends at Memorial Union.

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: I am a part of Badgerloop on the Low Voltage and Controls subteams! We’re building a solar car which is pretty amazing.

“There is no charge for awesomeness” – Po, Kung Fu Panda