Alexa Rademacher

Credentials: ETC Co-Chair

Position title:

Open for Spring Election!


NAME: Alexa Rademacher

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Civil Engineering


SWE INVOLVEMENT: I joined SWE my freshman year! I’ve attended many New Member Committee events and I was part of the CEE Mentoring Family. I’m looking forward to being part of the officer team this year!

JOB EXPERIENCE: I did a co-op with Findorff in January 2020 and I’m a notetaker for UW-Madison.

FAVORITE CAMPUS ACTIVITY: I love watching the sunset from the Terrace while eating ice cream!

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: I’m currently the treasurer for Tau Beta Pi and I was part of The Studio learning community my freshman year.

Why did the bike fall over? It was two tired! 🙂

For more information about Alexa and Engineering Tomorrow’s Careers Camp visit the ETC page!