Sydney Tong

Credentials: Fundraising

Position title:

Open for Spring Election!


NAME: Sydney Tong

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Industrial Engineering

HOMETOWN: Schaumburg, IL

SWE INVOLVEMENT: I joined SWE my sophomore year! I attended as many SWE activities as I can including mentoring and new member committee events. In the Spring of 2021, I had a lot of fun being the industrial engineering family head. I’m really excited about being SWE’s Fundraising Officer.

JOB EXPERIENCE: For the summer of 2021, I’m an Engineering Co-Op at Emerson where I get to wear many different hats as I’m involved in technical marketing, engineering project management, and data science.

FAVORITE CAMPUS ACTIVITY: I love watching the sunset at the Terrace while eating some good cheese curds from Rathskeller.

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program

What is 3/7’s chicken, 2/3’s cat, and 1/2 goat? Chicago!