Megan Volkening

Credentials: International Outreach Officer



NAME: Megan Volkening

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering

HOMETOWN: Greendale, WI

SWE INVOLVEMENT: Current International Outreach Officer 2023

FAVORITE PART OF SWE: Getting to meet so many other people in engineering.

JOB EXPERIENCE: I am a student assistant for ME 201. I am also an intern for the Student Association for STEM Advocacy, working to advocate for more stem education and robotics funding for K-12 students.

FAVORITE STUDY SPOT ON CAMPUS: I like studying on the second level of Memorial Union.

OTHER CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: I am on the UW-Madison Triathlon Club team and the WiscWind team.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss