D&I Highlights

3000 Year Old Ho-Chunk Canoe Found in Lake Mendota!

Read more about how divers recently recovered a Ho-Chunk canoe right off our campus. UW–Madison occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, known as Teejop; learn more about the Ho-Chunk nation here.

What’s the difference?

Learn from Ritu Bhasin, founder of Bhasin Consulting Inc – a global consulting firm focused on building inclusive workplaces.

What’s happening on campus?

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month:

Latinx Heritage Month started Thursday, September 15th! This month recognizes the countless contributions and importance of LatinX Americans.

Read more about SWE Nationals member, Mayra Klessig, and her journey of being a Latina in mechanical engineering.

Bravery, Not Perfection:

Watch Reshma Saujani’s Ted Talk to learn more about what it means to be brave, and not perfect. Keep this message in mind as you head into the new semester.We’re rooting for you!!