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Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISYE)

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Tvishi Krishnakumar |ETC Co Chair|

Soniya Patel | New Member Comittee|

Mary Louden | Boeing  |

Kenzie Germanson | VP External |

Greta Scheidt | VP Internal |

Brynn Bauer | Community Service Officer

Chemical and Biological Systems Engineering (CBE)

Annie Thevara | VP Communication |

Marie Schilling | Outreach Head |


Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Olivia D’Souza | VP Finance |

Lydia Malen | VP Inclusion Equity and Diversity |

Ayushi Saigal | Technical Communication |

Joshika Nachiappan Rameshbabu | Professional Development |

Reema Ibrahim | Boeing Tech Team Elect |


Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Abby Clark | President|

Megan Volkening | International Outreach |

Meta Simon | Boeing Tech Team Elect |

Mindi Lam | School Outreach Officer |


Materials Science & Engineering (MS&E)

Rachel Ziskin | VP Internal |

Environmental Engineering

Madeline Stoltz | New Member Committee| Monday, 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Computer Science (CS)

Mary Kristjanson | Marketing Officer |

Ayushi Saigal | Technical Communication |

Kenzie Germanson | VP External |

Melisa Erman | Professional Development |

Lydia Malen | VP Inclusion Equity and Diversity

Global Health

Brynn Bauer | Community Service Officer |

Statistics/Mathematics/Data Science

Reema Ibrahim (Data Science – Certificate) |Boeing Tech Team  Elect|

Joshika Nachiappan Rameshbabu (Option :Data Science and Machine Learning)| Professional Development |

Ayushi Saigal (Option :Data Science and Machine Learning)| Technical Communication|


Energy Sustainability for Engineers

Megan Volkening | International Outreach Officer|

Technical Communication

Abby Clark |President |

Data Science, Computer Science

Reema Ibrahim | Boeing Tech Team Elect|


Reema Ibrahim | Boeing Tech Team Elect|

Olivia D’Souza | VP Finance |

Emma Mayhew | Co School Outreach Officer |


Global Health

Katie Budde | VP Finance | Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm