Evening with Industry

EWI is a unique opportunity for University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering and computer science students to network with representatives from various companies and to learn about career opportunities. In turn, these companies are exposed to the UW-Madison campus, and company representatives can personally speak with students who are specializing in areas of their interest. The event consists of a career fair, formal dinner, and awards presentation that promotes round table discussion between employers and students.

Evening with Industry 2019 

This year’s Evening with Industry took place on February 5th at the Memorial Union and was a huge success with 27 companies and over 100 students in attendance! Scholarships were also awarded from GE Healthcare, UW-Madison SWE, and the Robyn Ryan Memorial Scholarship.

Evening with IndustryEvening with Industry

Evening with IndustryEvening with Industry

Meet the 2018-19 Evening with Industry Officer!

My name is Stephanie Wu and I’m a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering. I learned about SWE when I attended SWE’s outreach event, Day on Campus, as a senior in high school. I joined SWE my freshman year and I’ve been a distinguished member ever since. I enjoy all the professional development events and volunteering opportunities SWE has to offer and I’ve met so many great people along the way!

Stephanie Wu

Highlights from Evening with Industry 2018

Evening with Industry 2018 was held on Tuesday, February 6th at the Lowell Center in Madison, WI. It was a huge success with 26 companies, over 60 company representatives, and over 100 students in attendance!

There were many people who were critical in the planning and completion of this event. Thank you to the following people for their contributions:
– John Archambault
– Kathy Prem
– The College of Engineering Faculty & Staff
– SWE Officers & Members
– Courtney Eckerty & the ECE Printing Lab
– Callie LaPoint & the Lowell Center Staff