Engineering Future Leaders Camp


Engineering Future Leaders Camp is a summer program for aspiring people in STEM. During our week-long session, participants will learn through talks with professors and current engineering students, activities with leaders in the industry, and other team-based, and hands-on programming that is designed to expose and encourage young people to pursue an interest in STEM.



Praneetha Popuri                                Tvishi Krishnakumar

This camp involves year long prep and planning, which culminates in a week long camp in the summer for high schoolers interested in engineering. If you are interested in being a counselor or question about the camp, please reach out.

Community Service


There are so many meaningful ways to raise awareness and make an impact in our community just by giving time. Volunteering at blood drives, Slow Food UW, and making care kits for the homeless population in Madison are all ways we give back as an org.


Brynn Bauer

My name is Brynn Bauer and I am the Community Service Officer for the UW-Madison section of the Society of Women Engineers! SWE has personal and professional development opportunities, socials, service events, and more! SWE is also a great (and really fun way) to interact with others in your major. If you have any questions about SWE or how to join, you can email me at bmbauer2@wisc.edu.

International Outreach


The International Outreach program strives to empower women and teach the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) around the globe while allowing its members to develop leadership skills and gain cultural awareness.


Megan Volkening

My name is Megan Volkening and I am the International Outreach Officer. I am so excited to help the UW-Madison section of SWE impact not only those here in Wisconsin but also help teach girls in India about STEM. It is a great opportunity to become involved with.

School Outreach


School Outreach events are centered around teaching and inspiring the next generation interested in STEM and all it has to offer! An activity as simple as shaking a popsicle stick house sitting on top of Jell-O can simulate real life difficulties when engineering buildings that need to withstand extreme weather.


Mindi Lam

Hi there! My name is Mindi and I’m a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I’m so excited to be a School Outreach Officer for SWE this year and plan fun events for you and the community. Feel free to reach out to me with anything you need and I can’t wait to meet you at future events! 🙂

Emma MayhewI’m Emma Mayhew and I am the (co) School Outreach officer for SWE this year. We will have many events and opportunities this year to work with kids of all ages in the Madison area. Feel free to reach out to me at emmayhew@wisc.edu if you’d like to learn more or get involved!