Day On Campus

Day on Campus Scavenger Hunt
Day on Campus Scavenger Hunt
Day on Campus Volunteers

A Look Back at Day on Campus 2019 (Sadly, our Day on Campus 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19)!

Over 60 students attended Day on Campus 2019 on Saturday, April 13th. Admitted students had the opportunity to stay overnight on Friday, April 12th with a current female student in engineering at UW-Madison.

During the day, guests and students attended panels focused on campus resources and they listened to SWE members share their college experiences. We also held a scavenger hunt for the students with the winning team taking home some SWE-Swag! Additionally, the students were given tours of some of the many lab spaces at UW-Madison.

We are happy with the success of the event this year, and cannot wait to see what is in store for next year! Thank you to our DOC 2019 event coordinators, Lisa and Heather, for planning this event!